While the gallery space is currently closed, we are committed to staying connected to our UCI arts community.

As we begin our limited return to campus, the Catalyst board invites you to join us in creating an experimental "unbound" gallery experience outside of the traditional space. What will that look like? Nighttime projections onto campus buildings? Digital galleries? Immersive live performances? Guerrilla installations? I mean - we're down!

We will close out the Fall quarter with TENTH THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 @ 6:30 pm. Add the calendar event for updates!


In the meantime, check out our recent "Meet the Curators" show, and our "Time Delayed" publications showcasing student work during 2020-21.



About the gallery:



Catalyst is a collective of highly motivated UCI art majors seeking to provide a space for the creative, social and academic growth for our undergraduate peers. The gallery manages its own marketing, curation, and organization. 

This operation provides upperclassmen 

experience with vital, hands on practice in the management of a small-scale exhibition space. 

If you are a UCI art major with any suggestions or questions, please email us at:



Eleanor Yu - Curator

Renee O'Connor - Curator

Sarah Coscolluela - Curator

Teresa Bernadette - Curator

Arios Munoz - Marketing

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