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Welcome to
Catalyst Undergraduate
Art Gallery!

The 2022-23 school year has been a great one for Catalyst UAG! Take a look around this website to see archived works, works from this year, and our current applications or upcoming shows.

Thank you to all the support from everyone across campus.


About the gallery:


Catalyst is a collective of highly motivated UCI art majors seeking to provide a space for the creative, social and academic growth for our undergraduate peers. The gallery manages its own marketing, curation, and organization. 

This operation provides UCI students 

experience with vital, hands on practice in the management of a small-scale exhibition space. 

If you are a UCI undergraduate student with any suggestions or questions, please email us at:



Sadie Rose - Head Curator

Aidan McDonald - Curator

Tai Nguyen - Curator

Jo Lacangan - Marketing Co-Director

Aejin Yi - Marketing Co-Director

Tracy Njuguna - Photographer

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